No Man’s Sky Finally adds Space Whales in 3.90 Update

No Man's Sky Finally adds Space Whales in Update

No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games has announced it has released a brand-new update to its space exploration game which adds space whales and the seventh episode to the game’s unique take on story mode in No Man’s Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan.

The 3.90 update only officially adds the newest narrative adventure to the game, but players can’t actually start it yet. Hello Games doesn’t reveal the exact time when Expedition 7 will begin in the patch notes but says it will begin shortly which hopefully isn’t too much of a wait for No Man’s Sky players. To get a better idea of what’s coming in the new update, check out the video below.

“Our seventh expedition traps Travellers inside a time loop and offers a taste of roguelike gameplay. Difficulty is tuned to survival-mode settings, and every death means a reset of the loop. As players explore the loop, they will recover Memory Fragments, and lost remnants of previous loops. These manifest as procedurally generated technology, meaning each reset of the loop may play out very differently,” Hello Games said, describing the Leviathan update.

Other additions in the update include new rewards, including new posters, a Whalestalker Cloak, a juvenile cosmic leviathan suitable for construction within a base, and a chance to come face to face with the fully-grown Leviathan itself. Alongside the addition is a bevy of fixes to the game including a fixed GPU crash on PS4, introduced significant memory optimization for Xbox Series S, fixed audio/ text issues, and much more, which are all listed in a Hello Games blog post.

Hello Games has also given an update on how the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky is coming along. In a press release, the developer stated that “the rest of our small team have been hard at work putting the finishing touches to, among other things, the Nintendo Switch version and some large upcoming updates.”

No Man’s Sky is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The Nintendo Switch meanwhile is slated to release this summer as announced in Nintendo’s most recent Direct presentation.

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