No Man’s Sky Goes All-In on Star Trek in Emergence Update

An Overhaul to Freighters, Fleets, Bridges, and more

No Man's Sky Goes All-In on Star Trek in Emergence Update

No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games has announced its 20th major update, Emergence, which is now available starting today and brings a complete overhaul to the game’s freighters and fleets.

Hello Games describes this update as the “biggest [one] of the year” which now allows “players to live and work aboard their home in the stars, together with their own crew.” The No Man’s Sky update also adds a new bridge to the game’s Star Trek-like ships alongside a bevy of quality of life improvements which give players instant access to warping and teleportation.

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Another major improvement has to do with vast freighter bases which now allow No Man’s Sky players to build even bigger bases “on a scale not seen before” until now. Players can also build bases in special themed areas. This is just a taste of what’s coming as there are even more additions coming to the game.

“One of the most striking changes is to asteroids in space which are now more varied and appear in vast fields, with thousands on screen at once. There are new interstellar-style black holes, nebulae, and space atmospherics to explore. Travellers can enjoy these new incredible space vistas from windows and portholes, which they can now build on their freighters. Players can also build exterior sections to their freighters for increased flexibility, or simply to admire the universe from,” No Man’s Sky creator, Sean Murray said in a statement.

The July update comes after the developer added space whales and the newest episode to its take on story mode. That’s not all: after six years since its initial launch, No Man’s Sky is heading its way to Nintendo Switch this October. In collaboration with Bandai Namco, the upcoming Switch port will release in both digital and physical formats alongside 20 updates Hello Games has released which assumedly will also include the Emergence update.

The No Man’s Sky Emergence update is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S – as well No Man’s Sky is set to launch on Nintendo Switch on October 7th.

Dennis B Price
Dennis B Price

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