Nokia Set To Release New Flagship Device, Nokia 8

Nokia Set To Release New Flagship Device, Nokia 8 1

Nokia has unveiled their very own flagship Android smartphone.

Introducing the Nokia 8, now the strongest phone in Nokia’s lineup of smart devices. The new flagship device at its heart, runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB RAM.

According to CNET’s analysis of the Nokia 8, the device has been benchmarked, revealing an impressive score that rival’s the Samsung Galaxy 8 in performance and metrics.

Nokia’s flagship device rocks a 5.3’’ display with a razor sharp 4k resolution (2,560×1440) that puts the phone up there with other current leading smart devices.

The Nokia 8 also features dual 13 megapixel cameras on the rear, one in colour and one in black and white. The phone also supports the ability to live stream to YouTube and Facebook, making the phone a great fit for those who are heavily invested in social media.

The rear cameras record in native 4k, offering users a great option for both colour and black and white photography. The chassis of the phone, sports a sleek metal finish, giving the phone a modern industrial look, fitting right in with other top-tier smart phones available in the market. On the bottom, the phone sports a USB C port which supports fast charging and all the conveniences that come with the USB C standard.

Software-wise, the Nokia 8 ships with Android Nougat, the latest and greatest version of Android.

The Nokia 8 is priced at 599 euros or $890 CAD, when it launches in September, currently the phone will see a limited release, with no plans for a stateside release.

The big price may be an issue for some, but the specs inside the phone will ensures a quality product that should be able to hold its own, even with the steady release of newer phones that come out regularly.

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