Elder Scrolls Online to use Nvidia’s new DLAA tech

| September 21, 2021
Elder Scrolls Online to use Nvidia's new DLAA tech first

It was revealed by Zenimax Online Studios creative director, Rich Lambert that Elder Scrolls Online on PC will support both DLSS and Nvidia’s new anti-aliasing tech, DLAA.

The announcement was revealed during an ESO Live at Home live stream which previewed the upcoming changes and addition coming in Update 32 of the game which Lambert was a part of.

Now it can get a little confusing when terms like DLSS and DLAA are thrown out like everyone is aware of what those terms really mean. To get into it, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is an AI upscaling technique that basically boosts frame rates by rendering them at a lower resolution.

To make up for the Deep Learning, a type of AI upscales those frames to look as sharp and pretty as a native resolution of a game can look. As an example, through DLSS a game’s frame rates can be rendered at 1080p resolution while it’s upscaled to a 4K resolution which will look way sharper than its 1080p counterpart.

Now DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) is similar to DLSS but without the upscaling part of the tech. DLAA would instead allow a game like Elder Scrolls Online to run at native resolution while still utilizing deep learning for extra edge-smoothing in the game rather than boosting it through performance.

“We are adding a new option for NVIDIA DLAA, using their DL technology, but without the upscaling component, at full resolution for some fantastic AA quality. On RTX cards, people run ESO at high fps already, so a pure AA option works well!” ZeniMax Online Studios lead graphics engineer, Alex Tardif said in a Twitter thread.

It should be noted as the developers have confirmed like DLSS, DLAA would require either an RTX 2000/3000 series graphics card to utilize the feature in Elder Scrolls Online. If you’re looking to try out DLSS or DLAA in Elder Scrolls Online, the developers have also confirmed the upcoming feature would be available soon for players on the public test servers.

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