Oculus Announces Standalone Oculus Go VR Headset

Oculus Announces Standalone Oculus Go VR Headset 1

Oculus announces Oculus Go, a cheaper standalone headset for $199 USD.

The new standalone Oculus Go headset which was unveiled during today’s Oculus Connect event in San Jose, California, is being touted as the easiest way to experience virtual reality according to Oculus head Hugo Barra.

The Oculus Go is a new device that aims to deliver quality VR content, without the need of a powerful computer, or additional peripherals, meaning that users who have yet to try VR or invest in an extensive setup can now do so without having to break the bank.

Neogaf user Jibbed has kindly posted a breakdown of some of the key features that Oculus has shown off in regards to the Oculus Go:

  • The Oculus Go headset will launch sometime in Q1 of 2018
  • The Headset will not have to be tethered to a PC or smart device
  • Described as being in the sweet spot between high-end PC headsets and mobile variants
  •  Has built in computational power
  •  Next-gen VR lenses, with a WQHD 2560×1440 display
  • Supports 3D spatial audio for better immersion
  • Available in white

Further details including availability in different markets are currently unavailable, but more information regarding the Oculus Go should become available prior to release in 2018.

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