Open Beta Launched for Heavy Metal Machines

| Jan 31, 2017
Open Beta Launched for Heavy Metal Machines 1

Game developer Hoplon has announced  Heavy Metal Machines will begin its open beta today.

Heavy Metal Machines is a game of vehicular combat where high armed cars compete in an arena to capture a bomb in the middle of it and then deliver the bomb to the enemy team’s three times.

The game has been in closed beta testing for months and is now ready to reveal its unique brand of car combat and MOBA action for a bigger group of fans. The open beta will introduce a number of significant upgrades that will will include an all new character.

The new character is Photon, a real tech head. Her vehicle in the arena is one of the most advanced support units in the game. It’s a support unit that is capable of healing teammates, and is covered in individual solar panels that draw power to charge its Sparkling Engine. This technology allows the character to not only move at high speeds, but make Photon and her car as elusive as light itself.

Hoplon is also adding some new features to that will improve upon the experience that players in the close beta got to take part in. The features include a new player game guide, voice chat and Russian localization.

The player game guide will include the most basic commands from “how to move your car” to more in depth knowledge about droppers and goals. Voice chat will allow players to communicate with their team without the need of any external software. All they have to do is hold a key and they’re able to ask for a bomb pass or announce that their ultimate is up and ready to cause damage in the arena. Russian localization means Heavy Metal Machines is now 100 per cent localized to the Russian language.

Fans can sign up for the open beta by visiting the Heavy Metal Machines website.

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