Overwatch 2 Developer Blog Outlines Quality Adjustments After Launch

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Overwatch 2 has been popular since its launch, with many fans flocking to the internet to voice concerns over issues; today, a developer blog says ‘we hear you.’

With the mainly positive critical reception and the large negative fan reception of Overwatch 2 since its launch being noted by the team at Blizzard, they’ve outlined changes coming to the immensely popular hero shooter. On their developer blog page, the Overwatch team has outlined coming changes and fixes to the title that players may have been experiencing issues with, including the pesky Bronze ranking system break that has since been discovered by fans.

Overwatch 2 Developer Blog Outlines Quality Adjustments After Launch

Seeing as how the fledging sequel to Overwatch is only 10 days old at the time of this post, Blizzard seems compelled to get ahead of potential issues with Overwatch 2 before they alienate dedicated players to leave the platform. Below are all of the notable changes to Overwatch 2 as posted from the Blizzard developer blog.

Notable Overwatch 2 Changes

Overwatch 2 Developer Blog Outlines Quality Adjustments After Launch
  • With each hero achieving a 45 to 55% win rate, Blizzard has noted each hero has been consistent with the sole exception of Zarya being determined ‘almost invincible’ in the Total Mayhem mode, there are no plans to adjust character balancing.
  • With importance of ‘Tank’ play reaching new heights due to the title switching to 5v5 instead of 6v6, Blizzard is monitoring the class closely, and may choose to buff Doomfist, considering his play rate has been low.
  • Blizzard is placing importance on gauging win rates and character usage, taking hard looks at the correlation and determining what may need to be changed to service the balance of the game.
  • Each season of Overwatch 2 will feature a map rotation which will see some maps be unplayable during certain seasons, and vise versa. All maps will be available via custom game year-round, but matchmaking will feature different maps each season to keep the title ‘fresh.’
  • Regarding the Bronze Rank 5 bug plaguing the title – “Our team would like to apologize for ranking many players too low during the first week of Overwatch 2. We discovered a bug that was impacting player skill ratings, which is what contributed to many players being placed in Bronze 5 when they should have been placed higher. Our most recent patch included a fix that will help you get back to your true rank quickly, and that will be reflected the next time you receive a competitive ranking update.”

All implemented changes for Overwatch 2 will likely go into effect when the first major patch hits the title on October 25, including the Zarya adjustments and PC performance enhancements. Fans curious to see everything noted by Blizzard can head over to the Developer Blog for more info.

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