Overwatch Reveals First Queer Character

Overwatch Reveals First Queer Character 1

Queer fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch rejoice! The gaming giant has revealed that the game’s title character is queer in a Christmas comic on their website

Fans of the game have sometimes paired Tracer with her mortal enemy, Widowmaker but it looks like that wishful thinking is crushed as the hero is taken. The newest comic in the Overwatch franchise titled, “Reflections” went live today on their website. The 12-page Christmas comic features the speedster Tracer as she runs through the city to find a gift for a girl who lives with her (and isn’t on the Overwatch team) named Emily. Towards the end of the comic, the two share a passionate kiss. The apparent couple then have Christmas dinner with Winston while other characters in Overwatch are shown celebrating the holiday in various ways.

Overwatch Reveals First Queer Character 1

Blizzard Entertainment teased that there are multiple queer characters in Overwtach so this does not exactly come as a surprise, especially for a game that has been praised up and down for its highly diverse cast of characters. Tracer however, is the first. During November’s Blizzcon, members of the Overwatch production team stated that fans could look forward to hearing more about the huge range of characters sooner rather than later.

This revelation is also huge for the gaming industry in general, as the LGBT-plus community has fought tooth and nail for more representation on various media platforms. Although Tracer is not the only queer protagonist in the gaming world, it is clear that the industry is trying to cater to a wider audience in a respectful way that doesn’t make a big deal of sexuality.

The short but warm-hearted and adorable Christmas comic is sure to take you on an emotional trip and melt even the coldest of hearts this Christmas season. You can read Reflections and other Overwtach comics on their website.

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