PAX East 2022, the Game Industry Reunion Kicks off in Boston Tomorrow

PAX East 2022, the Game Industry Reunion Kicks off in Boston Tomorrow 1

It’s more than two years since convention-goers went to PAX East, but it’s making its return as the ‘Game Industry Reunion’ in Boston which starts tomorrow, April 21st and the event will conclude on the final day of the weekend on April 24th.

The industry’s biggest physical event in the pandemic will kick off at the main theatre at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The presentation will feature a storytime keynote address from video game writer, producer, content creator/streamer, voice actor, and Video Game Accessibility Awards organizer, Alanah Pearce, which starts on April 21st at 10:30 a.m. ET.

Following the conclusion of Pearce’s keynote, badge holders will be able to explore the huge convention show floor that is set to feature many game developers and publishers ranging from indie to AAA. Anyone at the event will be able to get hands-on demos for the first time ever for some unreleased games, a PAX East exclusive. Some of those games include Trek to Yomi, Demon Throttle, Swordship, Cuisineer, The Last Worker, WrestleQuest, RAWMEN and many more.

Pax East 2022, The Game Industry Reunion Kicks Off In Boston Tomorrow

The event isn’t solely about playing games but discussing them as PAX East, like always, will feature tons of panels for people at the event to attend. Some of those panels include ‘A 7 is better than a 10: When mediocre games attack!’, ’36 Years of Zelda: Moments, Memories, and Masterpieces’, ‘Our Part: Building a More Inclusive Board Gaming Community’, ‘Let’s Make a Video Game: Live on Stage’ and more.

Panels aren’t just being organized by fans of games but the companies behind them. One of those is Gearbox Interactive, which is set to “highlight their current Publishing and Software lineup while paying homage to their developers, creatives, and beloved community still revelling in the joys of Tiny Tinaโ€™s Wonderlands.”

The Boston panel will take place from the Main Theatre at 2:30 p.m. ET. You can check it out if you are at the event or online as the publisher is live-streaming it from the official PAX Twitch channel. Gearbox is promising it will be a “standout moment” for PAX East 2022, which previously announced Borderlands 3 back in the before times at the last physical PAX East event in 2019.

Watch the Gearbox Panel LIVE and more here:

We’ll be sharing all the announcements from the Gearbox panel and all over PAX East over our social media accounts this weekend, so make sure to follow us to keep updated on the news.

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