Peter Molyneux Apologizes for Curiosity Launch Problems

| November 12, 2012

If you were the least bit curious about playing Peter Molyneux’s social experiment turned game, Curiosity, you might want to wait a couple more days.

Earlier this week, Molyneux issued a public apology for the problems players were experiencing with the mobile game at launch. Some of the problems included, but were not limited to, not being able to get onto the server to play the game and not accomodating the amount of people who were playing. 

In a YouTube video released on Friday, Molyneux addressed the problems and said, “We are desperate to get these bugs fixed, and the reason we are desperate to get them fixed is we want to carry on with this experiment.”

“There’s lots of interesting stuff that we have planned, lots of interesting stuff that happens as we go through the layers that we haven’t been able to do because we’ve been fixing this problem,” Molyneux said. 

While the team promised to get the bugs fixed and accomodate the level of players they hadn’t anticipated before the launch, the latest development is leaving some people scratching their heads. 

22Cans, the development team behind Curiosity has begun accepting donations via PayPal on their website. It’s not an unnusual aspect to see with smaller produced and indie games, but with the level of problems this game seems to continuously have, players have taken to Twitter to express their questioning.

Royel Edwards, a writer at tweeted, “Just used 1,000,000 coins in #curiosity only to destroy 25 cubes per tap for 7 minutes. What a waste! Back to going for the three billion”

Billy Buskell, Associate Producer on Bioware’s Mass Effect series tweeted, “I’m sure there are people enjoying Curiosty, but I’m also sure I’d rather play a video game than take part in a social experiment. Deleted.”

Glitches or no glitches, Molyneux and his team have made it perfectly clear Curiosity can only progress. With the mysterious center still the main goal of the game, it’s doubtful players will turn their back now. 

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