Play Subnautica Free For Using Epic’s New Store

Play Subnautica Free For Using Epic's New Store

When gamers think of buying digital games, most tend to initially think of the likes Steam, but just like Epic Games has taken over the gaming world, it hopes to reinvent the digital storefront- and it’s doing so with an epic first deal. 

Earlier in December, Epic Games announced its new Epic Games Store, a market that not only focuses on indie titles, but is extremely appealing to developers, offering a whopping 88 percent of its revenue share. 

To make manners even more exciting, according to CNET, Epic has promised to offer signed up users one free game every two weeks, the first being Subnautica, with Super Meat Boy to follow briefly after. 

While more and more digital market places coming to life (Discord’s market and Origin to name a few), the addition of free Indies makes Epic’s offering not only puts it a step ahead of its uprising competition, but makes it very tempting for gamers as well. 

Subnautica is an ocean based survival game where players collect resources in order to face the world’s many dangers. Subnautica is currently available for $24.99 on Steam and will be free at the Epic Game Store until December 28th. 

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