Playdate Update Reveals Upcoming Games, Charging Dock, and More!

Playdate Update Reveals Upcoming Games, Charging Dock, and More!

Playdate revealed several new details for their upcoming handheld with a charging dock, developer tools, and a list of games currently in development.

We have finally received details on what to expect from the upcoming handheld, the Playdate, with several reveals shown during their Playdate Update for E3 week. Between the surprise reveals of a charging dock speaker accessory and really easy-to-use development tools, Panic brought tons of new information to the table.

While also doubling the number of games that would be received for free with the initial purchase price of the system, Panic also detailed a majority of the games that would be included in Season One, as well as several other games in the works from prominent indie developers from across the industry.

Playdate Season One
Playdate Season One

To start the presentation, Panic revealed the Playdate Stereo Dock, which will include charging capabilities, a better speaker than what the Playdate itself has, as well as a pen holder for your desk. Additionally, it was announced that they would be making a music app for the Playdate to pair with this accessory, called Poolsuite FM.

While detailing all the games coming to the system, it was announced that instead of the initial promise for consumers to receive one game per week, instead, you’d be getting two per week, for a total of 24 games. Notable entries include Zipper, a title from notorious indie developer Bennett Foddy (Getting Over It), as well as Flipper Lifter from indie publisher Serenity Forge (Neversong, Pinstripe). It was also revealed that Lucas Pope (Return of the Obra Dinn, Papers Please) would be creating a game for the system called Mars After Midnight.

In partnership with Sweet Baby Inc., Panic will be working with marginalised developers on games for the Playdate, with two teams of veteran developers currently working on projects. One of the projects is being headed by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs).

Finally, it was announced that Panic would be releasing a developer tool kit for the Playdate, known as Playdate Pulp, which will work via web browser and will be available for free.

The pre-order window will open sometime in July, with a $179 USD price tag. While there will be a limited number of units at launch (20,000), pre-orders will stay open so that as manufacturing picks up, units can be sent out in the order that they were placed with the website.

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