Pokémon Go’s Community Day For May 2022 Brings The Shocking Alolan Geodude

Pokémon Go's Community Day For May 2022 Brings The Shocking Alolan Geodude 1

Another month means another Pokémon Go Community Day, and unlike the classic featuring Mudkip in April, the ‘Rock’ Pokémon Geodude can be found in its electric Alolan Forme.

Niantic is back at it again giving trainers around the globe an excuse to kickstart their Pokémon Go apps in search of the elusive Alolan Geodude, as the featured Pokémon for May. Like all other Community Day events, swarms of Alolan Geodude will make its way to the mobile game on May 21st.

Alolan Geodude – Pokémon Go: Event Guide For May 2022 | Metro News

Unlike regular Geodude, the Alolan Forme features an electric-rock typing to combat one of its major weaknesses in the Water type of Pokémon. Of course, just like other Community Days, this one will allow the luckiest of trainers to obtain a ‘shiny’ Geodude while the event is ongoing. Alolan Geodude evolved into Alolan Golem during the event will also learn the exclusive event move Rollout, a fast rock attack that many trainers can utilize in battles to overcome opponents.

On top of this upcoming Community Day, Pokémon Go is still in the throes of its ongoing ‘Water Festival’ which has unleashed waves of water types all over the globe, as well as the legendary Tapu Fini featured in raids until May 20. The event sees trainers around the globe attempting to catch 600 million water type Pokémon, and complete catch challenges for in-game rewards.

Pokémon Go'S Community Day For May 2022 Brings The Shocking Alolan Geodude
Pokémon Go Community Day Bonuses

For the ongoing Water Festival, Mega Blastoise is featured in Mega Raids for trainers to band together and defeat for coveted Mega energy and a chance at a third evolution of the original water starter Pokémon, oh and to add MORE incentive, Blastoise can also be found in its purple hued ‘shiny’ variant as well, until May 25th.

The Alolan Geodude Pokémon Go May Community Day will take place on May 21st from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. local time.

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