Pokémon Go Has a 2nd Big Community Day Classic In April Featuring Mudkip

Pokémon Go Has A 2nd Big Community Day Classic In April, Featuring Mudkip

Every month introduces a new featured Pokémon for Pokémon Go’s Community Day offerings, and in continuance with the latest classic model, April gives trainers Mudkip.

The Community Day has been a staple for trainers around the globe that take daily dives into Pokémon Go in hopes of catching more of the beloved pocket monsters. What makes a Community Day so special, is the ability to catch rarer Pokémon, almost exclusively, during the small runtimes on certain days out of the month.

Pokémon Go Has A 2Nd Big Community Day Classic In April Featuring Mudkip

On the heels of the successful Community Day Classic back in January that featured Bulbasaur, April brings the second edition with Mudkip, the commonly ‘I herd u liek Mudkipz’ meme-ed water type starter from the Hoenn region. What makes the day so special is not only will there be scores of Mudkip to capture, and there will be a higher chance of obtaining an even rarer shiny variant. These variants are highly sought after by trainers, and feature favourite Pokémon in new colourways.

Pokémon Go Has A 2Nd Big Community Day Classic In April Featuring Mudkip
Shiny Mudkip

That’s not all the Community Day offers, as Mudkipz evolved into Swampert during the events runtime will come equipped with the powerful Hydro Cannon exclusive move only available for that limited time. There will also be a special Community Day Box available from the store for 850 coins which gives the trainer 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, an Elite Fast TM, and a Remote Raid Pass. There will also be the availability of a free package containing 30 Ultra Balls from the shop at no extra cost, to prepare trainers for Mudkip mania.

The second Community Day Classic will run on April 10, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time, which is right around the corner. On top of this exciting news, April will have a SECOND Community Day featuring a Pokémon Go debutante, Stufful! Although this Community Day will run on April 23rd, it’s a great segue into spring with two exciting Community Days. Trainers can follow the latest in Pokémon Go by visiting their official Twitter account for updates.

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