Pokémon Trading Card Game: Pokémon Go Expansion To Feature Photorealistic Artwork

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Pokémon Go Expansion To Feature Photorealistic Artwork

Today The Pokémon Company International revealed more details about the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Pokémon Go! expansion that’s releasing globally on July 1, 2022.

Inspired by the Pokémon GO app, this Pokémon Trading Card Game collaboration will give fans the opportunity to play with photorealistic artwork and unique gameplay scenarios. Certain cards will also illustrate Pokémon as if they have jumped into the real world, such as Pikachu walking alongside its trainer and Snorlax wherever it wants. Other cards, though, will portray Pokémon in scenes that fans will remember from the mobile game, such as Blissey defending a Gym and Aipom attempting to doge a Poké ball.

Objects and characters from Pokémon GO’s world will appear as Trainer cards, such as the Pokéstop as a Stadium card and Lure Module as an Item card, as well as Spark of Team Instinct, Blanche of Team Mystic, and Candela of Team Valor as the Supporter cards. With the expansion releasing on July 1, select products will also feature unique promo cards, including new Pokémon V and Pokemon VSTAR which will be helpful in Pokémon TGC battles. Those looking for more information can find it on the game’s website here.

In terms of availability, this expansion will be exclusive to the Pokemon Center in the US, Canada, and the UK until June 24, 2022, it includes one foil promo card featuring Mewtwo V. This isn’t the only date Pokémon GO fans are excited about though.

On May 21, there’s another Community Day happening with Alolan Geodude as the star this time around. April’s Community Day has come and gone but fans won’t have to wait long until the next one. There are also the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games coming out later this year. They are following up on the already successful Pokémon Legends Arceus that was released last January. Legends was a kind of clean break for the traditional Pokemon games after years of just sticking to the past so fans have a lot to look forward to in the future, both on mobile and on Nintendo Switch.

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