Possible PlayStation 4 NEO Images Leak

Possible PlayStation 4 NEO Images Leak 2

The PlayStation 4 NEO continues to be one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets today. On top of a leaked presentation, alleged images of the upgraded system have surfaced on Twitter.

In a tweet directed at a handful of gaming journalists, user Shortman82 posted two separate images of the console. He claimed that these pictures came from his local classifieds, saying that “something is happening.”

Indeed, it does seem like something is happening. These pictures look like they may be legit, but definitely aren’t the PlayStation 4 models we’re used to. They have more rounded edges, and an engraved PS logo in the middle of the unit.

Possible Playstation 4 Neo Images Leak

Clearly, this is a new variety of PS4, if it isn’t just some elaborate photoshop job. However, it’s worth noting that the storage size is only 500 GB, which seems kind of small considering a larger model exists.

As far as the legitimacy of the classified ads? That’s a lot more dubious. Our esteemed editor pointed out that, in all likelihood, this is a box intended for display in a major retailer. It’s probably the sort of display box you’d see in a GameStop or Best Buy, and by no means an actual unit. The fact that the OP never actually posted out-of-box pictures makes this even more likely.

Still — could this be our first look at the PlayStation 4 NEO? If so, it looks like an attractive console. Its whole aesthetic reminds me of a souped-up PSTV, and from the picture, it looks like it’s shed a few pounds. While the small storage capacity is a bummer, we’ll definitely have to wait for an official confirmation for more details.

The idea of a smaller, thinner PS4 with 4K capabilities is still enticing to me. So naturally, these leaked images have definitely piqued my curiosity. Here’s hoping we hear more soon!

Update: Following the earlier update, Daniel Ahmad leaked a sizeable dump of pictures detailing the NEO.

Possible Playstation 4 Neo Images Leak 2

At this point, I’m almost liable to say that this is legitimate. All signs are pointing to this being the real deal. But then, as we saw with the elaborate NX fake earlier this year, people will go to great lengths for a hoax.

We really will just have to wait and see.

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