Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid PC Announced For September

| August 21, 2019
Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid PC Announced For September

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid’s long-awaited PC port has finally been dated, and will morph onto Steam this September.

Battle for the Grid has been slowly growing in content size and renown since its release earlier this year, and it’s about to reach another important milestone by gaining a PC audience. The game offers crossplay on all platforms but PlayStation 4, so new PC players will be able to join up with the existing community and get right to practicing and competing. The released versions are all at steep discounts right now, so take a look at them if you’re interested. With the new content added in updates, the base game, currently coming in at around $16 CAN, is definitely a good deal.

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Battle for the Grid was clearly made on a short time and budget when it launched, but the competitive Marvel Vs. Capcom fanbase received the similar title with open arms due to the devs’ strong ties to the community. The game has gained three free characters on top of the three offered in the season pass, as well as a three-part story mode, voice acting, and hitsparks that emulate those found in Power Rangers itself. The game is continuing to grow, and shows no signs of stopping.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, with a Steam port coming on September 24th. It seems likely that this game will continue to trickle out noteworthy updates over the coming year, so we’ll keep an eye on them for you.

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