Pre-Registration for Mobile Version of Injustice 2 Now Available

| Apr 27, 2017
Pre-Registration for Mobile Version of Injustice 2 Now Available 1

The core fan base of the Injustice franchise is probably most excited about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Injustice 2. But, there are a select few that will be satisfied with either the Android or iOS versions. Speaking of the mobile edition of Injustice 2, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Entertainment recently announced that pre-registration is now open for the upcoming DC fighting video game.

As with many games that have proceeded it, there is a special incentive for players who choose to do this. Doing so at the official page of Injustice 2 will grant players access to an exclusive playable character at launch with a limited time offer. This character is none other than the mystifying burglar Catwoman; who comes with a special “Bleed” effect which allows her a kryptonite to opponents’ defences. In addition, she also receives better awards on “Operations Missions.”

This mobile entry is going to resemble the first edition in several ways. First of all, the core gameplay will be eerily similar with swipe-based mechanics, three on three battles and the implementation of playing cards. However, it is also going to bring a lot of new features to the fold. Besides the inclusion of brand-new special moves for various fighters, this version will also add projectiles and increased movement.

Players will also be able to enjoy a Story mode that will follow the events of the console version of Injustice 2. Other game modes will include a cut-throat Arena Mode and an Operations Mode that puts a huge emphasis on missions. Soon, this mobile game will be free for the public to enjoy.

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