PS5 Supports DualShock 4 Controllers With a Catch

PS5 Supports DualShock 4 Controllers With a Catch

The PS5 will only be supporting the DualShock 4 controller for backwards compatible PS4 titles, according to the company in a FAQ about the upcoming next generation system.

According to PlayStation, the reason came from a need to make use of its DualSense controller while “PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we’re bringing to the platform.”

As showcased by Geoff Keighley earlier in July 2020, the DualSense Controller for the PS5 packs a few physical features for immersion, including 3D audio speakers, a refined touchpad and even a gyroscope for precise aiming in shooters.

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Over in the PS5 spec reveal in March 2020, Lead System Architect Mark Cerny also hinted almost all PS4 games would be supported at launch, giving players a reason to keep their DualShocks free of dust. But it’s also suggested the DualSense could be used in backwards compatible titles under the exact same control scheme.

Third-party controllers and the notorious “candy” controller which haunted some PS4 players will also be compatible with PS4 titles on the next generation system.

Future players can also save some money by reusing their Platinum and Gold official PlayStation Wireless Headsets, which are confirmed to be usable with the PS5 though USB. Other third-party headsets are also compatible via. USB or audio jack.

Other PS4 accessories including the PlayStation Camera, PSVR and PlayStation Move controllers are transferable to PS5. But an adapter is needed to connect the camera, which is being given for free to PSVR owners in the future.

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