PSN’s Black Friday Sale Brings Discounts on Gotham Knights, The Last of Us, and More

psns black friday sale brings discounts on gotham knights the last of us and more 590233

Black Friday deals have already started to go live, as PlayStation Network has put hundreds of games on sale, including some recent titles like Gotham Knights and Soul Hackers 2.

The “Black Friday Unmissable Deals” sale is currently live and runs through November 28. For the entirety of the sale, PS Plus subscriptions will also be discounted. All three tiers of the service are 25% off, and that includes any new memberships as well as anyone looking to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Premium. If you’re unfamiliar, you can see all the differences between PS Plus’ different tiers here.

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There are also a number of deals on physical merchandise and accessories. DualSense Wireless controllers are up to $25 off on PlayStation Direct, and you can nab some deals on headsets, remotes, and other devices too. Surprisingly, the PlayStation Gear store also has its own Black Friday sale, providing discounts on apparently, art, accessories, and much more.

That’s already a wide array of deals but, of course, the main attraction is games. The Black Friday sale has over 300 games on sale, and if you’ve been waiting to pick up some of the biggest games of the year this might be your chance. Most notably Gotham Knights is currently $41.99, a discount of 40 percent, and The Last of Us Part 1 is 29 percent off at $49.69. You can head over to the official page for the full list, but we’ve collected some of the highlights below.

The PSN Black Friday sale ends on November 28.

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