Puzzles, Physics, Android Girls This Week On Screenshot Saturday

| Jun 16, 2014
Puzzles, Physics, Android Girls This Week On Screenshot Saturday

How was your weekend? Did you do something fun? Read a good book, take in some cool screenshots? No? Well then, please allow me to rectify the latter with some Screenshot Saturday samples. Independent developers from around the world have come together to bring us these stills of their work in progress! It’d be a shame to let them go to waste.

Relativity by Willy Chyr

This one’s an exploration puzzler in which physical laws we’ve come to know as natural have lost one of their own to whatever counter-culture physics are subject to. Gravity is colluding with players to bind them to shifting ideas of what “down” means, enabling puzzle solving Escher could be proud to have inspired. Unfortunately, its release is probably a long way off.

Forward to the Sky by Magichnology

Unabashed and forthright about its mimicry of 3D Zelda titles, Forward to the Sky sets the player about exploring the wreckage and ruin of what was once a tower in the clouds. The team is aiming for an unassumingly pleasant, humble mix of combat and puzzle solving involving the construction of a story-revealing fresco.

Swordy  by Frogshark

This is a distant overhead shot showing the new weather weather effects in a “physics based brawler.” I.e., use of your massively oversized sword requires the full brunt of your body’s weight being swung the other way to balance things out. Combatants flail like pre-teens hurling sledgehammers. The dev log linked isn’t exclusively Swordy, but their personal posts are interesting too!

Assault Android Cactus  by Witch Beam

This boss bot’s recently been added to a twin-stick shooter with a slick art style. Assault Android Cactus should stand as testament to the idea that retreading old ground can be a good thing.  One of four partial-chibi android policewomen need to pour oodles of ammo into misbehaving robots if they’re to survive a space freighter. Check out the demo on Steam!

The Frostrune by Grimnir

Norse imagery and mythology has seen a number of fantastic representations in recent years, but more is most certainly welcome. The Frustrune ‘s contribution to the theme is a gorgeously drawn point and click adventure en route to mobile platforms. Information is cryptically scarce, their website conveying tone rather than hyping details.

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