Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to Six Invitational Event is Officially Back Now

Rainbow Six Siege’s Road to Six Invitational Event is Officially Back Now 1

The Six Invitational is Rainbow Six Siege’s “biggest event of the year” and wants players to celebrate big this year with great changes to the in-game events and battle pass.

All Rainbow Six Siege fans can rejoice as the Road to Six Invitational event is now live in-game. The event will be active from February 1-21. Players can play in the unranked game mode on the new Stadium map. The game mode involves three rounds of Plant Bomb objectives (or Search and Destroy for any Call of Duty fans). What is great this year is that players can choose any operator this year, including the new Operator, Thorn. While it is an unranked game mode, there is still a Pick and Ban mode.

The four Operators chosen as captains this year are Mira, Capitão, Ash, and Vigil and their teams will be donning some sweet outfits taken from the Battle Pass. On that same note, the High Calibre Battle Pass will feature 100 tiers and 135 rewards to collect as players only have 21 days to unlock everything. Do not worry, there will be Premium Bonus Point Boosters and new Daily Victory Bonuses to help players progress faster and earn more rewards. The Battle Pass will cost 1200 R6 credits ($9.99 USD).

The best parts of the Battle Pass are that it will contain two customizable items in the Operator Cards. Players will have the chance to modify the appearance and background of their Operator in character selection. The best part of this Battle Pass is the team behind Rainbow Six Siege has created their first Exotic weapon skin called “Aethereal Flux.” It is said to include “3D design and animated textures”, so it may be like many of the premium skins found in Valorant or Apex Legends where guns can talk or have unique pull-out animations.

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As done in previous years of Rainbow Six Siege, 30 percent of Battle Pass revenue will go towards the $3 million USD Six Invitational prize pool. The Six Invitational will be held in Stockholm, Sweden this year as COVID regulations and restrictions in Quebec, Canada could not allow the event to operate there, as stated by Ubisoft. The event will run from February 8-20, featuring 16 teams like Team Liquid, FaZe Clan and DWG KIA—with many others. Four more teams are set to join the locked-in 12 teams once regional qualifiers are finished.

If you are a Rainbow Six Siege fan, now is the time to take advantage of this event and the Battle Pass to earn some sick in-game merch and show off your skills. Also, do not forget to check out the latest game from the same universe Rainbow Six Extraction available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PS5, PC (Steam), Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

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