Razer Brand and eSports Get Hijacked by Cyber Criminals

| Feb 24, 2017
Razer Brand and Esports Get Hijacked by Cyber Criminals

As the digital age continues to evolve and grow, so too do hackers and scammers, finding new ways to rip people off. Being one of the largest and most well-known names in gaming tech and eSports, Razer has become the most recent target of email scams. 

Razer has released a global Press Alert warning about potential scam targeting Razer’s global brand and gamers’ love of eSports is being targeted by scammers. Razer is warning of a fake email offering a free streamer sponsorship from Razer that supposedly hit the Internet last week. This email is a scam and recipients should not click on any of the links within the email as it will launch a malware application.

Scam Indicators include the following: the email comes from a Gmail account and not from a Razerzone.com account; Razer is misspelled in the email address as “Razorzonesponsorship”; The email body contains spelling and grammatical mistakes that are common in scam emails.

According to the Alert, “Razer’s brand and fan base are being used to spread malicious software and we want to ensure that anyone who receives this email is aware of the danger. Razer does not send out sponsorship deals via email. Interested streamers are encouraged to sign up at Razer’s bona fide site, https://www.razerzone.com/supported-streamer.”

We live in a time where people are more connected to technology than ever before and scam artists are aware of this. The Scotiabank website warns bankers of potential “Smishing” scams, where scam artists craft elaborate texts, and even a recent phone scam would ask, “can you hear me” to record the caller saying, “yes” and use that recording to fraudulently suggest they signed up for certain services.With eSports being a budding, but viable industry, a young gamer would obviously jump at the opportunity for a sponsorship and unwittingly open an email loaded with malware.

As always, it takes vigilance to avoid getting scammed. Be mindful of emails when you register for different services, and Google anything that looks suspicious to see if other people are reporting it as well.

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