Razer Debuts The Razer Seiren Emote

Razer Debuts The Razer Seiren Emote 2

Razer today introduced the Seiren Emote, the world’s first professional-grade streaming microphone featuring an emoticon display.

The Razer Seiren Emote synchronizes the emoticons displayed on the microphone to on-stream events, allowing streamers to engage with their audience in a new way. At the heart of the Seiren is the world’s first 8-bit Emoticon LED display powered by Razer’s Emote Engine. The Emote Engine synchronizes emoticon responses to on-stream audience interaction like alerts, chat messages, follows, donations, and more. Streamers are free to express themselves in their own unique way through hundreds of presets or customizable emoticons that they can add or design themselves.

“Up-and-coming streamers are looking for more ways to engage with their fans and grow to new heights in order to become like their idols,” says Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit. “With the Razer Seiren Emote, we are providing them with a new creative avenue, enabling an additional layer of interaction between streamers and fans that is truly fun and engaging.”

At launch, Seiren Emote users can choose from more than 100 static or animated preset emoticons, or upload their own static or animated 8-bit images via an editor in the Razer Streamer Companion App. The Companion App sets up the interactive emoticons on the Seiren’s 8×8 grid display. In the app, users will find an emoticon editor, an emoticon library to save their designs, and controls to set up and manage emoticon stream triggers. Users can select which emoticon will be displayed based on what action is triggered.

Professional streamers need a crystal-clear microphone to entertain, and the Seiren Emote provides that too, of course. It utilizes a hyper-cardioid pickup pattern that captures the subtle nuances in voice, while eliminating any background noise that might disrupt their streams. The hyper-cardioid pickup pattern is a tighter, more focused pattern compared to the regular cardioid pattern for greater reduction in background noise. Accidental knocks and bumps are bound to happen, but the Seiren Emote features a built-in shock mount to avert unwanted noise. The Seiren also features an interchangeable gooseneck that extends the microphone’s height, making it flexible enough to be placed in the best position possible to display its emoticon display.

The Razer Seiren Emote will be available for $179.99 USD/189.99€ MSRP at Razer.com starting today and authorized resellers in Q4 2019. For more information, you can check out the official product page here.

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