Razer Launches Collaboration with Genesis and Unleashed Delivers Stylish Streetwear

Razer launches collaboration with Genesis and Unleashed delves into Streetwear 3

Razer’s latest collaboration with the two stylish apparel collections, Genesis and Unleashed, features multiple branded streetwear fashion for gamers.

Their collaboration with Genesis and Unleashed offers an opportunity for fans to have access to Razer’s branded streetwear that is not only fashionable but comfortable as well. The two collections will feature their own unique designs that can be easily distinguished between them. Since this is a collaboration with Razer, you can definitely expect these to be “Made By Gamers, For Gamers,” just as the press release noted. “We really take the feedback we receive from our community to heart,” says Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer.

Razer Genesis

Razer Launches Collaboration With Genesis And Unleashed Delivers Stylish Streetwear
Razer Genesis

For those who absolutely love comfortable clothing that is minimalistic by design, Razer Genesis has you covered (quite literally). This collection consists of t-shirts, shorts, bomber jackets, and a bucket hat. All of these are easily distinguished by Razer’s signature green and black colours, if you don’t recognize the brand colors, then their iconic triple-headed snake is sure to get you hooked in. Razer Genesis’ clothes are made to be comfortable and versatile for the everyday use of gamers.

Razer Unleashed

Razer Launches Collaboration With Genesis And Unleashed Delivers Stylish Streetwear
Razer Unleashed

If Razer Genesis is made to be minimalistic, then Razer Unleashed will release your inner-gamer with its bold and oversized prints that clearly show that you are a gamer indeed. Razer Unleashed features a large variety of stylish gear for the ultimate fan. The tops listed in this collection include an oversized tee, sweatshirt, and a zip-up hoodie. While these tops are obviously Razer branded, go even bolder and match them with the bottoms that include a pair of jogger pants and shorts that also flash the brand name. If that wasn’t enough for you, complete your attire with a snapback cap or a bucket hat. 

As stated before, all of these items are quite daring and show off the Razer brand name across each clothing category. 

Whether you want to completely flaunt the Razer brand or just looking for something with comfort, then Razer’s collab is definitely the answer you’ve been looking for. The new apparel collections will expand upon Razer’s not already large community, giving fans the opportunity to show their love for the brand. 

The products will be listed down below, and you can purchase them through these link: Genesis | Unleashed

Prices and Availability

Razer Genesis Tee: $49.99 | €59.99

Razer Genesis Bomber Jacket: $99.99 | €109.99

Razer Genesis Shorts: $69.99 | €79.99

Razer Genesis Bucket Hat: $39.99 | €44.99

Razer Unleashed Oversized Tee: $59.99 | €69.99

Razer Unleashed Sweatshirt: $69.99 | €79.99

Razer Unleashed Zip Hoodie: $99.99 | €109.99

Razer Unleashed Shorts: $59.99 | €69.99

Razer Unleashed Jogger Pants: $79.99 | €89.99

Razer Unleashed Snapback Cap: $39.99 | €44.99

Razer Unleashed Bucket Hat: $39.99 | €44.99

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