RazerCon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here

RazerCon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here 15

RazerCon 2021 dropped an absolute bombshell of information for all computer enthusiasts to devour today, we have fans covered with the latest Razer news.

Last year saw the inaugural RazerCon, and to the delight of PC fans everywhere, the company has returned with a bang. Razer is known by the technology community for its advanced PC and gaming peripherals, and its ability to continuously develop and produce hardware at such high quality is what keeps PC fans, Razer fans.

RazerCon is a celebration of everything PC, and more importantly, a celebration for their fans. During their showcase, they pulled back the curtain on all of its latest developments, making the 2021 Con feel like Christmas morning for PC builders everywhere.

RazerCon started by showing off their latest PC components, some of which are excitedly available to purchase immediately as of this publication. These are the components that will be available today, and in the near future for the Razer brand.

All-New PC Components Available on/after October 21:

The Razer Kunai, an innovative PC case fan, is available in 2 different sizes for maximum rig compatibility. The 120mm can reach 500-2200 RPM, and the 140 mm can hit a slower yet powerful 500-1600 RPM. These fans aim to keep your system cool, silently, while flaunting a stylish LED centric design. The life span of these fans can reach up to 60,000 hours. The two sizes are available for $44.99 today.

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
Razer Kunai in 120mm and 140mm

The Razer PWM PC Fan Controller allows consumers to customize fan curving for maximum thermal performance, an easy plug and play design, and the ability to connect up to 8 total fans for optimal performance to upgrade a gaming rig to higher potential. The PWM is available for $49.99, and fans don’t have to wait, it’s available today.

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
Razer PWM

The Razer Hanbo Chroma Multi-fan all-in-one liquid cooler is available in a two-fan or three-fan system. The design of the fan pump allows 800-2800 RPM silently and efficiently. Fan specs include 2 X 120MM 4-pin PWM for the two fan system, and 3 X 120MM 4-pin PWM for the three fan system. These reliable components will be available in November 2021.

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
Razer Hanbo Chroma

The Razer Katana Chroma PSU available from 750W all the way to 1600W for a huge power boost. This PSU has a 80+ Platinum rated performance, allowing it to exceed 90% efficiency with over 50% of its wattage utilized. Its modular design allows for optimal compatibility and is easy to set up without an abundance of cords infringing on other components. This Power Supply Unit will become available at a TBA date in Q1 2022.

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
RazerCon Katana PSU

This exciting lineup of PC components gives any gaming rig an edge in the competition with not only the iconic sleek Razer design but the efficiency that the hardware company is known for. The ease of software integration and allowance of these components to be widely compatible with a huge range of other companies truly sets these peripherals apart. All of these RazerCon 2021 announced peripherals will be made available through the Razer website, and other leading hardware retailers.

RazerCon 2021 proved that it was just getting started after the PC component announcements by showcasing more of their exciting hardware and accessories that are coming soon.

The Razer Kraken V3 Pro Headset

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
Razer Kraken V3 Pro

RazerCon introduced the next chapter in the Razer Kraken V3 headset series with innovation, as the device has now turned Pro. The Pro promises a more immersive experience than either the previous ‘Hypersense’ or just the standard Kraken V3. Sporting haptics in the form of an advanced L5 Driver, that gives the player a multi-dimensional immersive shift as opposed to the one-dimensional haptics of old.

The L5 Driver by Lofelt, promises to deliver a wider frequency range from 20-200 Hz that simulates reality. The intelligent haptics of Razer Hypersense utilize real-time processing, that allows the user to adjust the headset while it is on. 4 levels of vibration haptics are given to the user for full customization, 1 being the least for a business type event, and 4 being the maximum for top-level immersion. Stereo production in the device allows for full positional accuracy. Surround sound with 3 separate parts gives low, medium, and high tuning full support.

A steel-enforced headband gives the Kraken V3 Pro a long life, and leatherette memory foam hybrid cushions help comfort the player in those long and grueling sessions. Full wireless capability and a USB-C charge port allows the user to not only have maximum mobility but also easily charge the device with a widely used design. The Kraken V3 Pro has everything the previous Hypersense and original designs have but upgraded to maximum efficiency. The Razer Kraken V3 Pro will be available for $199.99, at a TBA date in Q4 of 2021.

The Razer Book

RazenCon 2021 then showed more of its hand by showing fans another exciting device with their new Razer Book laptop, for those who like to PC on the go.

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
The Razer Book

The Razer Book comes in two stylish colours, Grey and Pink, and is exclusive to Razer’s store and website. The device comes with the new Windows 11 preloaded and has the power worth the squeeze. The bezel-less display comes in 3 different formats, with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options, with the higher options featuring full touch screen capabilities. This lightweight portable laptop promises an ‘all-day battery life’ and features a 4 speaker system. The Razer Book starts at $999.

The Razer Enki and Enki X

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
The Razer Enki

Razer proves that with their great power, comes great comfortability with this new chair that comes in 2 price points, but provides ample sustainability. The chair is made with the gamer in mind and features dual-textured eco-sustainable leather, showing that comfort and durability can be mutually exclusive. Both options have built-in lumbar support and optimized cushions. The 152-degree reclining function allows the user to get the perfect angle however they choose to.

The Enki and Enki X are comfortable at their finest and show that gaming chairs can be leisurely. The Enki features comfort and durability, and the Enki X removes some of the features to become more affordable for users but doesn’t sacrifice much. The Enki comes with a memory foam pillow for the headrest, metal-reinforced 4D armrests, and a reactive tilt for the reclining feature, whereas the Enki X lacks the reactivity of the recliner, has 2D armrests, and does not have a headrest.

The Enki starts at $399, and the Enki X is a cheaper $299 and is available today.

The Razer Zephyr Facemask

RazerCon 2021 featured many exciting announcements, from PC components to gaming comfort, and closed out with the Razer Zephyr. Due to complications that shocked the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Razer introduces the Zephyr, a sustainable way to stay safe, and social while outside.

Razercon 2021: All Of The Exciting Announcements Right Here
RazerCon Zephyr Facemask

The concept behind Zephyr was with a community-based process that elects to stay Safe, Social, and Sustainable in design. The mask features N95 mask grade filters that are FDA tested, with two-way protection. The technology behind the mask gives the user fresh filtered air, active users get even more out of Zephyr by way of built-in fans providing even more air circulation, activated by a simple button press.

The soft silicone construction allows for a secure yet comfortable seal around the mouth and nose, adjustable straps allow Zephyr to fit all sizes. Interior lights allow everyone to communicate, giving ease of lipreading, along with an anti-fogging spray to assure a clear view of the user’s mouth. Customization options allow lighting of 15 different kinds, to show off the user’s unique design choice. The Zephyr also allows changeable 3-day filters producing 80% less waste than daily disposable masks.

The Zephyr will be available for $99.99 exclusively on Razer’s website starting today.

Filter packs can also be purchased separately in a 10-set giving owners a 30-day supply for $29.99.

Razer allows the purchase of a Zephyr Starter Pack, which includes a Zephyr, and 33-sets of filters for $149.99.

RazerCon 2021 showed the world what’s next for the company in terms of innovation. With everything that has been announced, fans can remain excited about the offerings Razer has released today and will be releasing in the coming months.

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