Goodreads Is Giving Fans A Chance To Win A Copy of Ernest Cline’s New Book Ready Player Two

| November 4, 2020
Goodreads Is Giving Fans A Chance To Win A Copy of Ernest Cline's New Book Ready Player Two

Ready Player Two sets for release on November 24th. Fans probably already have the sequel on preorder, but there is still a chance to win a print copy and save a few bucks. Goodreads is giving away ten copies from the 1st to the 23rd, which means cancelling a pre-order might still be possible if a winner chooses to do so before the book releases.

The highly anticipated sequel to Ready Player One has kept all information regarding the storyline under wraps until the New York Comic-Con starring the author, Ernest Cline, and everyone’s favorite, Wil Wheaton, premiered the synopses live on Youtube.

The interview gives fans a peek into the garage and office of author Ernest Cline, displaying his Delorean in the background. Cline says, “Even now, during quarantine, I been taking the car out, still. You know, because it spreads joy wherever people see it, and it brightens their day a little bit.”

YouTube video

The synopsis release can be found in the Comic-Con interview or by visiting the official Twitter handle @ReadyPlayer2, or you can read it all right here:

Seeing the classic Delorean, Wade Watts style, will brighten anyone’s day, but so will winning a copy of Ready Player Two, so be sure to enter the contest now. If you prefer the digital or audio versions, those are available for preorder. Wil Wheaton, the narrator for Ready Player One, was hand-selected by Ernest Cline to narrate Ready Player Two due to the massive success the audiobook received. No matter which way you choose to enjoy the sequel come November 24th, sink in deep for another futuristic adventure with fans around the world. 

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