ReBoot is Rebooted

| June 11, 2015
ReBoot is Rebooted

The 1994 cult classic ReBoot is back.

Corus Entertainment, who owns YTV, announced on Monday at the Banff World Media Festival that the show is coming back. It will have 26 episodes and distributed internationally by TWC/Dimension Television. Rainmaker Entertainment, who owns Mainframe Entertainment, will be producing it.

The new Logo was released last year by Rainmaker and the new poster with Austin in his Vector alter ego, with Megabyte’s reflection in the helmet.

According to CBC, Michael Hefferon, the president of Rainmaker, said, “The world of Mainframe is so much bigger now, with internet access; cyberspace is vast.”


Re-titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code, it will follow four 16 year old humans. Austin, Parker, Grey, and Tamra who will be guardians in cyberspace. All four will wear protective suits that help them survive in the digital world while under the aliases of Vector, Googz, D-Frag, and Enigma. Serving as police, the teens will fight against viruses released by The Sorcerer. The series will feature the original being Guardian Program VERA to help the teens. The show will have both live action and computer animation.
“Everything from satellites, power utilities, drones, appliances, mobile devices, toys all are connected, online and provide some of the new location and plot points,” said Hefferon.

Along with VERA, some of the original characters will play a role. Bob will have a part in the pilot, and Dot and Enzo will make an appearance too. Megabyte will have a significant role, backed up by his henchmen Hack and Slash.

The original series ran from 1994 to 2001 on YTV in Canada, and was sold to 84 countries. It was known as the first completely computer animated show, received several awards, and even had its own video game.

Mainframe, home to Dot Matrix and her Brother Enzo, is located inside a computer. Viruses plagued the world, installed by Megabyte and Hexadecimal. Guardian Bob is sent from the Net to protect them, teaming up with Dot and company.

There hasn’t been any release date announced, there’s no word on if old voice actors will return to play their characters, or if it will air on YTV again.

Until ReBoot: The Guardian Code does air, old episodes of ReBoot can be binge watched on Netflix.

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