Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Hits, Showcases the Gorgeous American Wilderness

| October 20, 2016
Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Hits, Showcases the Gorgeous American Wilderness

Red Dead Redemption 2 was teased earlier this week by Rockstar Games after several cryptic posts hosted on the company’s social media accounts. On Tuesday, Rockstar officially revealed the game, and stated that a trailer would be posted online this morning at 11 am ET. Now, for the first time, Red Dead fans have been given a glimpse into the world that players will explore when Red Dead Redemption 2 hits store shelves Fall 2017.

If you enjoyed Red Dead Redemption‘s take on the American West, then you’ll love where Rockstar’s sequel is headed. There’s sprawling farmland, trains pushing past buffalo herds, small towns amidst the Western landscape and men brandishing guns in rundown towns. Cattle roam free and animals fight with one another just to get by. And while there wasn’t any firefights shown in the trailer, there’s certainly a lot of action, including a farm on fire towards the end of the trailer. With the game coming out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year, Rockstar seems very interested in showing off the world that players will be exploring first before diving too heavily into the story.

Most beautiful of all, of course, is Red Dead Redemption 2‘s natural settings. There’s wide open prairies, valleys filled with trees and ponds, enormous rivers, the dawn sunlight peaking into treetops and lush valleys filled with greenery. Red Dead Redemption was known for its stunning scenery, and Rockstar Games looks to outdo themselves again with the game’s sequel. Not to mention, the game’s water, fire and dirt effects look incredible.

Rockstar is definitely going for the immersive factor with Red Dead Redemption 2. Beyond that, little else is known. It doesn’t seem likely that the game will receive a PC release, but anything could be announced down the road. Stay tuned over the next months ahead as Rockstar begins teasing the game for its release next year.

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