Reddit Reveals New Discover Tab To Promote Relevant Content For The User

Reddit Reveals New Discover Tab To Promote Relevant Content For The User 3

Reddit has many communities that cater to specific users, and now the forum site has announced a Discover Tab to further cater to the individual.

Let’s face it, Reddit is meteorically popular and there are millions of users that flock to the site on a daily basis. Today, the community forum juggernaut has announced an easier way that users can locate communities or content that relates to their interests with ease, introducing the Discover Tab.

The Discover Tab utilizes content the user already visits most often, and time spent looking at certain content, to give each specific community member prompts on more content they may not have seen. Imagine a user mainly views Pokémon GO community content, the Discover Tab introduces that specific user to more Pokémon-related content while using the site.

Director of Product for Content and Communities at Reddit, Jason Costa said “We’re making discovering relevant content and communities more intuitive with the Discover Tab. It’s a great new way for people to explore and engage with hundreds of thousands of communities around the world.”

Reddit Reveals New Discover Tab To Promote Relevant Content For The User

To access the Discover Tab, users can press the new compass icon on the bottom – to the direct left of the home button. This doesn’t necessarily only cater to one specific interest, if a user views different communities or posts ranging from sports news to gardening, the Discover Tab will possibly guide the person to new content that involves all of their interests. Early tests showed that “one in five people join at least one new community” while utilizing the Discover Tab.

Selectors such as “show me more of this content, show me less of that content, and hide that content” allow the user to personalize the feed, to ensure the feed stays relevant to each Redditor. The Discover Tab aims to make navigating to relevant content easier for each user.

To compound upon their new Discover Tab, a new Community and Profile Drawers were introduced to not only organize their communities but to help prioritize communities for each Redditor. By hitting the drop-down menu that appears on the top of the screen, users can easily locate their communities and content lightning fast.

Reddit Reveals New Discover Tab To Promote Relevant Content For The User

The Community Drawer has four sections: 

“Moderating entry points” in which moderators can see their mod feed, mod queue, and the subreddits they moderate.

“Your communities” where the communities redditors subscribe to can be sorted and customized;

“Following” which shows redditor accounts a user follows; 

The “r/all” entry point.

Redditors can visit the Reddit Help Center for more information regarding these new additions to the huge site.

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