Spider-Man 2 May Release In September, According To Tony Todd

report spider man 2 may release in september according to actor 23032203 1

The hotly anticipated Insomniac Games sequel to Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, is on the horizon, and according to Tony Todd, not THAT far off.

In a now-deleted tweet, the actor who plays the role of anti-hero Venom in the massive Insomniac Games Spider-Man sequel, Tony Todd, may have allegedly spilled the beans regarding the release date of Spider-Man 2. Unlike Tom Holland and his infamous Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers, this one was unleashed by way of keystrokes instead of a Freudian slip. Because the internet is forever, below is a screenshot of the alleged mishap.

Report Spider Man 2 May Release In September According To Actor 23032203 2

Todd writes, “Looks like September! Massive Publicity coming in august. Commercials start dropping in august, so I’m told. Hold on to your … and hold breath! Gonna be necessary” before it was deleted. Not much has been revealed about the highly anticipated sequel, except the story is a direct sequel to the events that occur in Spider-Man and Miles Morales.

While the tweet was hastily deleted, September is still a big window, a window that is occupied by another HUGE title in Bethesda’s Starfield, and the PlayStation Blog post that claims the title will launch in ‘Autumn/Fall’ of this year is still up. The Spider-Man 2 most recent trailer can also be seen below to stoke the flames of hype.

YouTube video

Creative Director Bryan Intihar wrote, “What a year it’s been for PlayStation Studios; here at Insomniac Games, we’ve been in absolute awe of the work of our peers. Congrats to everyone on a successful 2022…, and here’s to next year being just as exciting as we continue to get Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ready for release next fall” regarding the sequel.

The hastiness of the tweet deletion from Tony Todd will likely have a Streisand Effect regarding the alleged September release date, so if Sony didn’t want the masses to know September was the scheduled date, fans DEFINITELY will now. Sony hasn’t provided any confirmation or denial of this post as of yet, and fans should, as always, take the tweet misfire with a grain of salt until they do so.

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