Ring Announces Next-Generation Affordable Ring Video Doorbell

| May 6, 2020
Ring Announces Next-Generation Affordable Ring Video Doorbell

It has been six years since Ring first hit the scene with their original video doorbell, and while there have been countless smart devices released from the company, they have never lost their core product. To this end, Ring today announced they have updated their original video doorbell, improving features, security and the overall value of the product.

Starting at $124.99, the Next-Generation of the Ring Doorbell is here to offer 1080p HD video (up from 720p), improved night vision, updated motion zones, and an overall improvement on the product to deliver better value at the same price-point. From improved audio quality to the snapshot Capture feature, the new Ring Doorbell is a major improvement on the previous generation.

The Next-Generation of the Ring Doorbell features includes the ability to have it powered via battery or hardwired, as was seen in previous models. Full 1080P HD video with night vision, two-way talk with noise cancelling. New Privacy Zones that allow you to exclude some areas from where the Ring Video Doorbell detects motion and starts recording. Along with new adjustable motion zones, along with a new near zone for more precise motion detection.

With smart devices becoming more dominant in the home landscape, it is good to see such a major player in the space working to improve value and choice to the market. While Ring has faced some backlash in recent months due to privacy concerns, the company has been working to build an overall better, more safe platform, and due to the integration with Alexa and other home smart devices, Ring has never been easy to integrate into your ever-growing smart-home setup.

The new Ring Video Doorbell will be available for pre-order on Amazon.ca at a $124.99 price-point and will be avalable for purchase starting June 3, 2020 on Ring.com and Amazon.ca in Canada.

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