Announces $1 Million USD Mobile Game Show Payout Announces $1 Million USD Mobile Game Show Payout, an interactive platform and entertainment network, just revealed that a massive potential prize pool of over $1 million USD is on the line for playing their In or Out! game.

In or Out! is a mobile game where players pick a colour and spin a wheel in each round. If the wheel lands on their chosen colour, then the player can either keep playing or cash out.

A player who decides to cash out will split the amount won in the round with all the other players who also decided to cash out. Those who continue playing will face more difficult odds in the next consecutive rounds.

“Nobody’s done anything this big in the live social games space, and we are going big, offering players a chance at winning over $1 million dollars every month,” Todd Peterson, the CEO and co-founder of, said.

Prior to, Peterson had a background in startups, energy technology, and hospitality. He was also the founder and CEO of AlphaDraft, an online esports and live streaming platform. In 2015, AlphaDraft was sold to FanDuel, a fantasy sports company.

Peterson said In or Out! players begin with “a fifty percent chance of winning something right from the start,” and how games by don’t require players to be experts in trivia.

Players can have the chance to win from the potential prize pool on March 13. Prior to this date, will be hosting events every Wednesday, where the weekly prize pool starts at $100,000 USD.

The winners of In or Out! must be over 18 years of age, as well as restricted to the states and Canada, with Quebec as an exception.

Interested contestants may download the game via either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Amy Chen
Amy Chen

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