Rockband 4’s PC Port Closes at Halfway to Goal

| April 6, 2016
Rockband 4's PC Port Closes at Halfway to Goal

The PC port of Rockband 4 that Harmonix tried to crowdfund through Fig, has only managed to just barely break half of their goal.

Yesterday, the Rockband 4 PC port ended, making just under $800,000, only a little more than half of the $1.5 million goal with 1,674 backers. Even with a Reddit AMA to help clear up concerns and questions about the project, Harmonix was still unable to break enough ground to fund the port. The developer was intending to foot a quarter of the necessary $2 million production bill for Sumo Digital, the team that would’ve been managing the port.

Rockband 4 was released last year in October to middling success for PS4 and Xbox One.

We’ve reached out for a comment and no word yet; we’ll update this if we receive any comment. They’ve promised a post-campaign update sometime today.

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