Rockstar Releases Grand Theft Auto V Details

| Nov 9, 2012

Rockstar released new details yesterday for their upcoming AAA title, Grand Theft Auto V.

The fifth game in the Grand Theft Auto series, but not in the franchise, brings players back into the open world action RPG Rockstar is known for. 

Rockstar is also known for the high level of secrecy they maintain while putting out a new game. Whenever details are released, it is because Rockstar wants them to. This was the case yesterday when Rockstar released a list of details which divided fans.

The biggest news which came out yesterday was the option for players to choose between three protagonists, which you can switch between at any point within the game. This is an interesting attribute the company has decided to incorporate into the new game.

What was even more interesting, however, was what followed after the news broke. The simple concept of being able to play as three characters split fans apart. It wasn’t the option to play as three characters which upset people, it was the three main characters being male which upset quite a few people. 

On Twitter, people from around the world expressed their outrage over the lack of female characters available for play in the game. 

Matt Arnold, creator of Video Game High School, tweeted, “GTAV has three protagonists, all male. What a wasted opportunity. R* has been disappointing me. The writing in GTA4 and RDR was lacking.”

Justin McElroy, an editor with Polygon, tweeted, “gta 5 has three protagonists, but don’t panic, they are all dudes.”

It’s interesting to see some of the leading male industry members jump to the defence of female players. 

Other than the three protagonist news, other breaking news was Rockstar’s declaration that Grand Theft Auto V would be bigger than Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and San Andreas together. While a large part of the Grand Theft Auto game play has always been based on the open world experience players can dwell in, this is a large claim and has some people on edge. 

Below is the official trailer Rockstar released for the game, which is due out Spring 2013.

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