Saints Row 2 is Free on GOG For the Next Several Hours

| Apr 20, 2017

Saints Row 2 has been out for nearly a decade, but for anyone who has not experienced it (or do not have their original copy anymore) the time to do so is now. More specifically, within the next 24-40 hours of this posting.

GOG announced on their official Twitter page that they would be giving away Saints Row 2 to everyone within the next 48 hours (at the time of their original posting). On their official webpage, they have a countdown timer. So, anyone who is paranoid that they may miss out on the free download, check the timer to see if it is still available.

As far as Saints Row 2 itself, it does a tremendous job of giving players an enormous amount of freedom during gameplay. Not only is it an open-world video game, but players can also choose who to play as, how to play as them, and who they want accompanying them. On top of the freedom to explore for several bonus missions, this sequel to the original Saints Row offers a great deal of customization, creative combat system, several vehicles, and a co-op campaign mode.

For those who remember playing the Steam version, the gameplay was not executed well at all. Reviewers and players have complained that it is practically unplayable due to the framerate issues, poor handling and control, and insane lag. On the GOG page, though, many reviewers have stated that this version is much improved over the Steam one. However, with that being said, do not expect one of the best games ever made.

This is just a fantastic way to bring in any players who are interested in the Saints Row series but never got around to playing them.

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