SCUF Gaming and Coca-Cola Make 4 Special Gaming Peripherals

SCUF Gaming and Coca-Cola Create Limited Edition Gaming Peripherals 1

A limited run of SCUF Gaming equipment was announced today as part of its Coca-Cola-inspired designs for the newly released beverage.

Coca-Cola recently released their new beverages, Coca-Cola Starlight, Coca-Cola with Coffee and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte—that is a lot of cola. SCUF Gaming is proud to announce their collaboration today (May 2, 2022) with the latter drink release of Sugar Byte. The partnership birthed a limited-edition run of SCUF Reflex Pros, SCUF H1 headsets, CORSAIR K65 keyboards, and CORSAIR mouse pads.

Vice President of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR, Diego Nunez, shared their thoughts on their new co-op campaign with Coca-Cola, “We’re known for innovation and the power of connection that we bring to our products. This opportunity with Coca-Cola and the Byte collection offers our community uniquely designed products at the intersection of creativity, gaming and culture… We’re thrilled to partner with Coke on such an exciting launch and hope they enjoy these limited-edition items.”

Coca-Cola partnered with Fortnite earlier last month, which brought the pixel designs to the game’s metaverse. However, SCUF Gaming created items that could be enjoyed in the physical world, highlighting the lilac and black colours with a pixelated aesthetic. The K65 keyboard stood out for me with the most dynamic design ideas. There is even an Easter egg with the hot pink keys on the letters C-O-K-E. Too on-the-nose? Nope, it is quite hilarious to me. All the designs reminded me of Pac-Man or Tron due to their retro vibes—and a hint of Minecraft for the modern 64-bit touch.

Scuf Gaming And Coca-Cola Create Limited Edition Gaming Peripherals 2

“Coca-Cola Byte isn’t just the drink for gamers; it’s the drink for dreamers,” stated the Senior Licensing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Karen Schohan, “It’s meant to teleport you to a place filled with wonder – one with adventure, excitement, and possibilities. And, like gaming, the only thing that makes it taste sweeter is when it’s shared together. We hope you love these new Byte products as much as we do.”

Coca-Cola has become famous for their unique collaborations, and it is always great to see it supporting the gaming industry. Currently, the limited-edition versions of the 500 Reflex Pros, 500 H1s, 500 CORSAIR K65s, and 500 CORSAIR mouse pads are available to buy exclusive from the SCUF Gaming website. The SCUF Reflex Pro Byte starts at $249.99. The custom H1 headset starts at $149.99, the CORSAIR K65 keyboard starts at $129.99, and the CORSAIR mouse pad starts at $59.99.

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