Star Wars Seagate HDDs Exciting Gaming Storage For The Holidays

star wars seagate hdds gives huge space for the holidays 953311

This holiday season the force can be with everyone as Seagate unleashes Star Wars inspired HDDs, giving users far far more space on demand.

Seagate has released the power of the Jedi with new HDDs this holiday season with Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker-inspired designs that would make any fan of Star Wars feel like the force is with them. The spacious offerings come in 2 TBs and are collectible for fans who need everything Star Wars.

Star Wars Seagate Hdds Gives Huge Space For The Holidays 245329

Those who are struggling with storage issues can rest assured that these FireCuda drives will provide appropriate space, without taking up a large amount of room, or shelf space. Luckily for fans, the new drives can also be utilized with consoles after initialization similarly to other Seagate offerings. A handy way to lug around huge amounts of data on the fly. Although the drives do have RGB compatibility, console users won’t be able to adjust those settings without utilizing a PC, so basic RGB settings will be defaulted if using the drives for a console.

Connectivity will also be a non-issue, with each drive containing USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports to solidify any user attempting to make new connections over the holiday with speed that would make any X-Wing blush. Seagate has also offered many storage options in the past with particular colourways, including Halo Infinite, Black Panther, God of War Ragnarok and more. Besides the Luke Skywalker, Vader, and Solo options, Seagate also offers The Mandalorian and Boba Fett featured drives for fans of those series as well.

For those on the hunt for gifts that fit securely inside stockings, these also make a solid option for that need as well. The new Star Wars-designed Seagate 2 TB HDDs are available now on Amazon for $147.91 and more information regarding the item can also be seen there.

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