Secretlab Unveils MAGNUS Desk For Cable Management

Engineered for cable management

Secretlab Unveils MAGNUS Desk For Cable Management 3

After leading the charge on gaming chairs, Secretlab is about to bring their innovations to a new aspect of the computing experience with the MAGNUS Metal Desk.

Engineered from the ground up by Secretlab’s R&D team in Singapore, the MAGNUS has been optimized for ease of use and cable management—not only for gamers, but for creatives and professionals as well. It features a series of bells and whistles that promise to make a world of difference for how we organize our workspaces.

Secretlab Will Bring Their Engineering Expertise To The Rest Of Your Gaming Setup With The Magnus Desk.
Secretlab will bring their engineering expertise to the rest of your gaming setup with the MAGNUS desk. (Secretlab)

A cable management tray, with an easy-access rear hinged cover, allows users to put their desk flush against the wall, snaking cables down the custom-cut cable sheaths in each leg, or using magnetic cable anchors and fastening straps to secure them instead. The offset gap in the tray’s cover can even support a monitor arm, and the cover itself slides forward to open, preventing interference from the wall.

Secretlabs is also utilizing other modular, magnetic accessories to grant users unprecedented customization for their workspace. These will include magnetic anchors for cables and purpose-built hangers for headphones. The company’s own MAGRGBTM Diffused RGB LED Strips can be added to coordinate with the lighting in your favourite peripherals, utilizing 96 individual LEDs per meter.

The MAGNUS has been meticulously crafted for optimal ergonomics and utility. Its chassis is primarily steel, the result of “over a year of materials testing to overcome potential shrinking and warping during welding and assembly,” while retaining its structural integrity. It is topped with a floating carbon steel surface, able to withstand loads up to 220 lbs. It is set to the “perfectly calibrated height of 735mm (29″)” to allow most users to rest their feet flat on the floor and sit in a neutral position, while also supporting manual height adjustments up to 20mm (0.8″) higher.

To utilize this surface, Secretlab has engineered new MAGPAD magnetic leatherette desk mats. These full-length mats are interchangeable and designed specifically for the MAGNUS, held securely in place to the carbon steel desktop. A full range of Signature designs will be available, as will Special Edition collaborations like the Team Liquid or Cloud9 editions.

The Magnus Is Engineered To Revolutionize The Way Pc Users Hide Their Cables.
The MAGNUS is engineered to revolutionize the way PC users hide their cables. (Secretlab)

“We meticulously craft our products to solve problems,” said Secretlab co-founder and CEO, Ian Ang, “drawing on years of research and development in performance ergonomics and product engineering. Just as our chairs are built to help you sit more comfortably and with a healthier posture, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk empowers you to work smarter and more efficiently with powerful organizational features and a proprietary modular ecosystem of magnetic accessories.

“We believe that good design achieves more with less, and the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk is simple, gorgeous
and eminently functional, transforming the everyday PC desk into a high-performance design statement.”

The full 59″ variant is now available at, with a 47″ model to follow.

Chris de Hoog
Chris de Hoog

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