SecretLab Elevates the Desk Game With Magnus Pro

SecretLab Elevates the Desk Game With Magnus Pro 4

Gaming furniture dynasty SecretLab have announced the evolution of their Magnus desk, now with sit-to-stand functionality and integrated power.

After planting their flag firmly in the gaming chair market in 2015, SecretLab took the natural next step and introduced the Magnus desk last April. Engineered to slay the eternal dragon that is cable management, this mighty metal desk did more than just look good and play into your RGB colour schemes.

Secretlab Elevates The Desk Game With Magnus Pro

After rolling out some accessories and even a licensed crossover with Batman, SecretLab is literally taking their gaming desk to the next level with the Magnus Pro. In keeping with recent trends in ergonomics, this new iteration includes sit-to-stand functionality, allow users to raise the surface from 650mm to 1250mm (26″ to 49″) with precise, down-to-the-millimeter controls on an integrated panel. Anti-collision detection will allow the desk to stop suddenly and prevent disasters as you adjust your workspace.

Anyone who’s worked from home or built their own PC can attest to the difficulties of cable management, but SecretLab is out to ease those pains with the Magnus Pro’s integrated power supply column. By running power directly through the main column of the desk itself, users are able to use a power bar on the full-length cable management tray at the back and further mitigate the amount of stray cables dangling off the side. With the sit-to-stand element, this has never been more important.

Secretlab Elevates The Desk Game With Magnus Pro

The Magnus’ signature offset gap returns to help feed wires discreetly, especially with the use of SecretLab’s magnetic cable anchor and sheath accessories. Even if you use a dual monitor setup, you’ll still be able to enjoy the variable desk heights with the optional monitor mount accessories. There’s also a PC Mount available to securely lock your tower in place, up off the ground. These options not only maintain the simple aesthetic of the Magnus Pro, but also facilitate the sit-to-stand functionality by helping keep your setup as tidy as possible.

And of course, there’s RGB control. The Magnus Pro integrates into the NanoLeaf ecosystem with the Secretlab MAGRGB Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition), which can be magnetically strapped to the underside of the desk’s full metal chassis. With 123 individually addressable LEDs and over 16 million colors, the possibilities for customization are limitless.

“[The Magnus] quickly won over users and distinguished reviewers across the globe, but we also received an overwhelming number of requests for height adjustability,” said SecretLab co-founder and CEO Ian Ang. “However, this presented even greater engineering complexities beyond just swapping on motorized legs. Our industrial designers toiled to integrate electrical cabling, precision height adjustment and insulation requirements, all into a desk that can be easily set up without loose wires hanging or sticking out everywhere.”

Secretlab Elevates The Desk Game With Magnus Pro

Our reviewer said the original Magnus “offers everything you could ask for to ensure your gaming setup is fit for the monstrous computer you plan to put on top of it,” and hailed it as “easily one of the best gaming desks I have ever had the pleasure to use.” With the addition of sit-to-stand and the powered column, SecretLab is poised to outdo itself with the Magnus Pro, which will be available in standard and XL sizes.

Meanwhile, the company is continuing its long tradition of collaboration with HBO and A Song of Ice and Fire. This week they announced a new variant of the SecretLab TITAN Evo 2022 Series gaming chair themed on the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon. With more traditional House Targaryen heraldry, the new edition is “sheathed in dragon scales” to become “the ultimate throne of comfort for true dragonlords.”

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