Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk Review

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk Review 28

The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk is easily one of the best gaming desks I have ever had the pleasure to use. There are plenty of desks on the market, many offering a standard slew of features, including RGB, but few really stand out among the crowd. When you see countless ads and listings for desks, they all start to blend in, lacking anything to differentiate them. But much like gaming chairs, while there are plenty to choose from, few are really worth your investment.

When I first saw the press release that Secretlab was jumping into the world of desks, I was not sure what to think. They produce some of the best gaming chairs you can buy, with the Titan Evo 2022 being one of my favourite gaming chairs of all time. So, I went in with cautiously high expectations. Secretlab knows how to build quality products, and the list of features and add-ons made the MAGNUS sound like something very exciting indeed.


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Secretlab MAGNUS Price?

Starting at a $499 price point, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk is for someone that takes their gaming setup seriously. The modular desk boasts a range of magnetic accessories and add-ons that raise it from a solidly built desk to something a gamer can only dream about. From RGB lights thanks to Nanoleaf, to the Secretlab MagPad Desk Mat, the MAGNUS offers everything you could ask for to ensure your gaming setup is fit for the monstrous computer you plan to put on top of it. 

While every additional part you add onto the MAGNUS will set you back, the ability to buy as much or as little as you need is a great way to ensure you are not wasting money on needless additions.

On the surface, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk is a really well-thought-out workspace, made with gamers in mind. It features a solid metal construction, is made at an ideal ergonomic height of 735mm (29 inches), and it can take a load of up to 100kg (220.5 lbs). The base model will bring you the main desk, that includes the cable management tray that keeps everything clean. It also brings a world of add-ons that range from everything from a monitor stand, cable management, RGB lights and desk extensions, making it fantastic for people that have a specific concept in mind.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk Review 6

Secretlab MAGNUS Setup

Once we got the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk delivered to the office for testing, we got to see just how much attention was put into the setup and overall packaging. The desk was packed up tight with foam keeping all parts safe for transit. This is not a light desk, so you will need help to ensure no one gets hurt in the process, but provided you have two people, the installation is relatively easy.

Much like gaming chairs from Secretlab, the instructions and step of assembly are very well laid out, with each piece clearly marked to where it should go. Despite the weight of the desk and its table legs, the full process only took this humble writer around 30 minutes all said and done. The legs went on very easily, and the hardest part was flipping it all over once everything was put together. There is, of course, an assembly video on the Secretlab YouTube should you need extra help to make the assembly process smoother, although the process is very straight forward.

“When all assembled, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk feels incredibly solid…”

The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk is a great size of 59.1 x 27.6 mm, allowing plenty of space for a desktop and a wide assortment of monitors and accessories. As mentioned, Secretlab has a range of desk accessories all fitting into their magnetic ecosystem, ease allowing for simple setup. We got the Nanoleaf light strips with our review unit, and they were also very easy to install with a pure magnet-based setup.

To be able to set up an RGB strip in a matter of seconds was a great experience, and one that shows the attention to detail put into the MAGNUS. The same can be said for the MagPad Desk Mat, that goes on with a very simple unrolling, and gives a great level of sophistication to the desk.

When all assembled, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk feels incredibly solid, with well-built steel legs and an MDF (or medium-density fibreboard) top that is also wrapped in steel. This desk is not the typical thing you would find at IKEA. It is built to last and takes a beating as it does so. It is easy to see how the desk can support up to 100kg and should be able to take many accessories gamers load onto their desks with ease.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk Review

As mentioned before, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk features a cable management tray that works well and works alongside the Nanoleaf lights to give the desk a very modern, sleek powder-coated finish look. Featuring a liftable flap and spanning the length of the desk, the tray is made of metal, and gives plenty of room for all the cables, wires and accessories you want hidden from view

While there is an extra cable management system available, even without it, thanks to the tray, you can easily keep things out of sight and out of mind. Your desk will be easy to access with its liftable, hinged cover back and magnetic front cover that are accessible from under the desk, while never feeling in the way of your everyday work, a brilliant design by Secretlab. This rear cover keeps the built-in cable management tray out of the way, and makes it easy to have all your accessories, including keyboards, gaming mouse, and other cables easily tucked away, keeping the loose cables away from your working area.

Secretlab also sells a cable management system that utilizes magnets, so you can help keep your wires tidy. Sadly, this is one of the pricier add-ons, but it does make the process painless and looks great when all installed, keeping your cables organized and out of sight.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk Review

Using the MAGNUS

With everything assembled and our office test computer in place, I had the pleasure of actually using the desk, and I am happy to report, it is as comfortable and easy to use as they advertise. I am finding it hard to go back to not using the MagPad Desk Mat. It added a level of comfort I did not think I needed while using a computer. The soft touch leather was smooth enough to never get in the way but provided enough grip to not have my mouse or keyboard sliding while using them.

“To put it simply, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk is an amazing addition to any setup…”

The build quality was immediately apparent, with each piece fitting perfectly together, making the ever so fun desk wobble a thing of the past. The height felt perfect, with our Titan Evo 2022 fitting perfectly under the desk, while ensuring my feet were firmly planted on the ground. The only complaint I have about the height of the desk is the lack of under-desk storage solutions currently. That could be a great way to keep the office clean while keeping the uniform look the MAGNUS Metal desk offers. With proper care and avoiding the use of things like abrasive scrubbers, the MAGNUS should last you years with its durable steel chassis.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk Review

To put it simply, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk is an amazing addition to any setup, but if I had any gripes, it would be the lack of easy height adjustment. While you can manually change the height of the desk, it does involve a bit of work. While it worked perfectly for this reviewer, I could see it being a bit tall for some smaller gamers. While 29-inches is great for the average size person, it may be a bit tall for someone a bit shorter. That said, it is a minor gripe, for an otherwise near perfect desk experience.

Much like with their chair range, Secretlab has outdone themselves with the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk. It is built to be modular, offers a fantastic base product, and does everything you would hope from a gaming desk in 2022. The add-on modules are incredibly well-designed, and while they do come at a premium, they all worked very well in testing. Despite the lack of easy height adjustment, there is little to criticize with the MAGNUS Metal desk. If you are in the market for a new desk, and don’t need one that adjusts, few compare to the quality or features of the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal desk.

Final Thoughts

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