Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison Now Has Pants

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison Now Has Pants

When 3D Realms released the teaser trailer for Bombshell in May last year, the reaction was not good.

And not surprising considering its only content was multiple moving camera shots circling 360 degrees around the half bald, robo-armed, more than half-naked female protagonist (yes, named Bombshell) who then sits on what looks like an unmoving motorcycle before aiming her gun in the viewer’s face and bam! Terrible.

Since then, and in response to mass amounts of poor reviews of the teaser, 3D Realms have redesigned their protagonist and released a new trailer that includes gameplay and a fully clothed Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison.

“When we released that (first) trailer, we got a ton of feedback … bad feedback, from press,” 3D Realms founder and president Frederik Schreiber told PC World at GDC this week. “We read what everyone wrote about the game just so we could fix it. We started over, and this is the actual new Bombshell.”

Schreiber also reasoned that they prematurely released Bombshell in May 2014 in order to take eyes off the ongoing lawsuit with Gearbox Software over the Duke Nukem IP.

“Doing a reveal that you’re pressed into instead of when something’s actually ready to reveal is never a good idea,” he told PC World.

Bombshell is co-developed by Interceptor and is 3D Realms’ first action RPG, featuring an isometric camera as well as weapons and stats that can be leveled up.

Certainly the reaction to the new trailer has been much more positive, but many are still skeptical as that first trailer seems to have burned itself into many a 3D Realms fan’s brain.

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