Sigma Pulls Into Overwatch As The Next Hero

Sigma Pulls Into Overwatch As The Next Hero

Overwatch has revealed its 31st hero: the scientist-gone-mad Sigma, a Talon terrorist who can manipulate gravity.

His origin video retells a non-linear sequence of events, showing a scientist examining the science behind gravity and attempting to harness the power of a black hole. Something goes wrong during the experiment, and Sigma is hospitalized. Throughout the short, he is haunted by a melody and the equations behind his scientific thesis.

YouTube video

We don’t have any details on how he plays, but apparently he is “unaware he’s been turned into a living weapon”. When I first saw him, I honestly thought Blizzard was adding the iconic Megaman X villain Sigma to the roster – and they look so similar that an homage skin would be trivial to design.

Regardless, we’ll be hearing more about Overwatch’s Sigma in the near future.

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