Sky Doll: Sudra Hits Stores March 2017

| December 21, 2016
Sky Doll: Sudra Hits Stores March 2017

A brand new installment in the Sky Doll series is coming in from Titan Comics next year. Sky Doll: Sudra, a “two-part sci-fi fantasy opera from Disney animators Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa,” will be launching on store sehves March 8, 2017, according to a press release from Titan Comics.

Sky Doll: Sudra takes place on a brand new planet, Sudra, and continues Noa’s story through the two-part series. This time, there’s a brand new world for Noa to explore. “Noa and her band of followers have settled on the beautiful planet of peace, Sudra, where religions and people co-exist in harmony,” the press release explains. “As Noa secretly plays at being a priestess, she begins to learn things about Sudra that suggest all is not as it seem.”

The series promises to explore questions of AI, love, religion and humanity itself, mirroring similar concerns from the original Sky Doll story proper. The first release in the series, Sky Doll: Sudra #1, goes on sale for $3.99 with 32pp. Orders will be available from Diamond in January’s previews catalogue, with a release two months later in March.

The Italian comic Sky Doll first entered print in 2000, mixing sci-fi with fantasy in a world ruled by physical manifestations of love and sex through Agape and Lodvica, respectively. The series centers around a Sky Doll named Noa. Sky Dolls are robotic humanoids designed for service work and, in many cases, sexual pleasure amidst the masses. Known for its darker themes and overviews of sexuality, media and existential existence, Sudra has been long-awaited from fans of the comic. No word yet on when the second issue will launch, but it’s safe to say the wait won’t be long once March hits. Check back for more news on Sky Doll: Sudra as well as other announcements in the Sky Doll series.

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