Some Exciting God of War: Ragnarök Spoilers Are Starting To Leak

who can resist spoilers god of war

As with any major game release, God of War: Ragnarök has aspects slowly leaking online for all to see.

When it comes to spoilers, there are two types of people: those who just go for it and read up everything they can to spoil their content and those who avoid it at all costs. So, please avert your eyes from those who aren’t spoiler friendly.

God of War: Ragnarök is about father and son Kratos and Atreus’ adventure as they are fighting to get answers for Asgard while battling normal father-and-son issues everyone deals with. Will Kratos, the God of War, allow his son to pursue the answers he seeks since the death of his mother? The father and son struggle brings an element of reality to the game by pulling on fans’ empathy to get gamers more invested in the storyline.

On social media, there are people spreading spoilers to get the news out to fans of the games. God of War: Ragnarök will be released coming November 9th, 2022. Players and fans of the game are spreading screenshots of the leak. If you aren’t careful, you may run into some surprising images throughout social media.

Spoiler images about God of War: Ragnarök, ahead!

There are a few screenshots surfacing and going around the web that are avoidable, if you are aware, but from the screenshots I have seen, this game deserves more hype. God of War: Ragnarök‘s “leaks” seem to entice viewers and entice gamers to get ready for the release. Santa Monica Studios have been releasing a few images to get ahead of the leaks, and we gamers are excited about hearing more about the exciting release.

While disappointing to see such an exciting release spoiled before the release date, this does not stop gamers worldwide from being excited to jump back into the God of War universe finally. The game is slated to launch this November for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, so get your consoles ready; this is going to be a big download.

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