God of War Ragnarok Has Four Graphics Options, Including 120FPS Mode

god of war ragnarok has four graphics options including 120fps mode 444484

A wealth of previews for God of War Ragnarok released across the internet today, and one of the key takeaways is the sequel will have four different graphics modes to choose from at launch.

The options focus on Favor Performance and Favor Resolution, with two variations of each. Perhaps what’s most interesting, however, is that God of War Ragnarok joins a short list of games that has a 120fps option on PS5. Here are the four modes available.

  • Favor Resolution – 4K/30FPS locked
  • Favor Performance – 60FPS locked
  • Favor Resolution (High Frame Rate) – 4K/40FPS locked
  • Favor Performances (High Frame Rate) – Targeting 120 FPS

Only a few dozen other games currently support 120 FPS on PS5, including Ghostwire: Tokyo, The Nioh Collection, and DOOM Eternal. Keep in mind that the 120 FPS mode doesn’t mean the game will constantly run at that frame rate, but rather that’s the target, and there could be potential slowdowns. Still, seeing a high-profile game like God of War with the mode could indicate a push toward more performance options in the future.

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Apart from the graphics options, previews have painted a picture of a sequel that’s even bigger and better than 2018’s God of War, albeit playing it a bit safe. A preview from PS Blog delves into a bit of the new systems with Ragnarok, with one section, in particular, talking about the highly improved exploration.

“Fans who adore turning over every stone in the realm can rest assured that exploration is abundant and rewarded in this sequel. While venturing through a charming yet uninviting dwarven town, Kratos and Atreus cross paths with a dwarf who has history with Mimir.

The dwarf mentions mining rigs that Mimir once championed have caused a mess in these lands. If players choose to pursue this Favor, they can correct Mimir’s past wrongs for a reward. Later, while navigating a canoe across a vast, brilliant blue lake I spot pillars of black smoke billowing from these mines. I chose to forge ahead on the main quest path but was reassured when Atreus organically mentioned we could return to complete the Favor later.”

God of War Ragnarok releases on November 9 for PS4 and PS5.

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