Sonic The Hedgehog Goes Under the Knife, Following Internet Shaming

| May 3, 2019

After the internet collectively shared their negative reception, towards Sonic’s design for the upcoming Paramount Pictures, Sonic The Hedgehog movie. The Film’s director, Jeff Fowler took to Twitter, announcing that changes will be made to the iconic blue blur’s design before it sees releases this November.

The extended trailer, which dropped this Tuesday, gave audiences a good look at both Sonic the Hedgehog and his nemesis, the evil Dr Robotnik or Eggman, as depicted by Jim Carrey in the film. Despite Sonic’s questionable design, Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the rotund mastermind feels much closer to the source material, mostly, in thanks to Carrey’s uncanny ability, in bringing out his bombastic side in his acting.

Fowler, who has experience with VFX or visual effects work in cinema, previously worked on Spike Jonze’s interpretation of the classic children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, which also prominently featured cartoon-like character designs. Within the tweet, Fowler used the hashtag #gottafixfast, a nice little, light-hearted nod to the source material.

As the film won’t see release until this November, hopefully, everyone responsible over at Paramount and SEGA will have the time required to actually make a meaningful change to Sonic’s design, bringing him more in line with his videogame counterpart. Thankfully, many fans have already addressed this problem, releasing their own mockup renders of what they feel better represents how Sonic should look like. A few images have been attached below from Twitter.

The Sonic movie was first announced back in 2013 under Sony Pictures, since then, the movie was changed hands with Paramount taking the helm. It will beb interesting too see the changes made going forward. Sonic the Hedgehog will release November 7, 2019.

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