Sonos Gives The Roam For A Steal Of A Price On Boxing Day Weekend In Canada

| December 26, 2021
Sonos Gives The Roam For A Steal Of A Price On Boxing Day Weekend In Canada

For the Boxing Day weekend, the Sonos Roam smart speaker will be available for a large discount.

The Sonos Roam is everything a smart speaker should be, portable, lightweight, extremely easy to setup and delivers excellent sound seamlessly.

In the only sale on this peripheral for the year in honour of Boxing Day, the Roam will be available for $30 off only in Canada, bringing the price down to a $199 CAD mark.

Our review of the Roam states “The Sonos Roam includes many of the advancements the company has delivered to its speaker family over the years. It brings with it Auto TruePlay technology that lets the Roam use its onboard mic—the same one used for Alexa and Google voice assistance—to tune the speaker to its surroundings,” which lends credence to the advancements the company has made to the sound quality over the years.

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The smart speaker can also fully utilize Apple AirPlay 2 while retaining audio clarity. The little smart speaker boasts a 10-hour playback battery life on a single charge, which ensures it will likely survive the day longer than the wielder.

The USB-C connectivity allows for adaptivity, as most charging cables will be compatible with the travel-friendly speaker, and those who have already become acquainted with the audio brand will have far less to worry about as fans existing setups will streamline the process of adopting the speaker.

For audiophiles, the Sonos Roam is a safe bet as the sale price of $199 CAD is available not only from their website but most retailers. The Boxing Day weekend sale runs from December 24 – December 27.

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