Sony discourages used game sales with SOCOM Pro

| April 18, 2011
Sony discourages used game sales with SOCOM Pro

Buying new has its advantages.

Sony wants to encourage new game sales, so they’ve lifted the curtain on SOCOM Pro, a new platform that rewards players with exclusive bonus content if they buy SOCOM 4 new instead of used. Basically, each new copy of SOCOM 4 will contain a voucher for SOCOM Pro, and the platform will go live when SOCOM 4 launches on April 19th. Sony will then update SOCOM Pro with regular content for the entirety of SOCOM 4’s lifespan.

At launch, SOCOM Pro Features will include ranked ‘Pro’ Custom Game Queues and access to exclusive game types that were previously available during SOCOM 4’s beta period:

  • Community Day Classic – Suggested by members of Zipper Community Day 2011, CDC offers a medley of different maps that support 8-vs-8 “Classic” variations on Suppression, Uplink, Last Defense and Bomb Squad with faster movement and no ranged explosives of any kind.
  • Last Defense Run ‘n Gun – Our incredibly fast-paced deviation from our Last Defense gametype that includes speedier player movement, reduced weapon damage, and limitations to sub-machine guns and shotguns only.
  • SCRUM – A Suppression mod that offers a “Classic” rules-inspired list of features that includes no respawn, no Sniper Rifles, no Concussion, Poison Gas, or Frag Grenades, higher damage and faster character movement.
  • Sniper Alley – Another 8-vs-8 variation on “Classic” Suppression that boasts higher damage values and weapon restrictions that allow players access to only Smoke and Poison Gas Grenades, Shotguns, and of course, Sniper Rifles.

SOCOM Pro will also reward players with the M-16 and AK-47 assault rifles within 30-days of the game’s release.  Plans for future updates include exclusive multi-player maps, co-op additions, and dedicated leader boards.

If you happen to buy a used copy of SOCOM 4, you’ll be able to gain access to SOCOM Pro through the PlayStation Store after Sony makes the service available for a one-time fee of $14.99 starting on April 26th. New copies of SOCOM 4 also include access to the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta, so you’re losing quite a bit of content if you opt to grab it used.

Source: PlayStation

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