Sony PlayStation Executive Fired After Video Links Pedophilia Allegations

Sony PlayStation Executive Fired After Video Links Pedophilia Allegations 1

One of Sony’s senior vice-presidents has been officially fired over allegations outlined by YouTube amateur pedophile sting video.

It has been confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment fired the senior vice-president (VP), George Cacioppo, after he was allegedly accused of pedophilia acts, based on a YouTube sting video. The YouTube channel is called People vs. Preds and their recent episode featured on Friday, December 3, streamed the incident of an amateur group catching Cacioppo in an alleged predatory act.

People v. Preds has specifically called out the 64-year-old VP for inviting a 15-year-old boy over for sex via the social networking and dating app, Grindr, and other text messages. Sony had already released an email statement to CNET this past Sunday, which briefly said, “We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment.” Based on Cacioppo’s LinkedIn profile, he oversaw PlayStation Network and the engineering department for the past eight years.

The video appears to have been taken from a cameraperson’s first-person view who is seen walking down a street at night toward a house. The cameraperson walks up to the front door of someone who looks like Cacioppo, wearing a PS5 shirt, who is standing outside the house. As the cameraperson calls out Cacioppo, by the name of Jeff, for his wrongdoings, Cacioppo walks back into the house and closes the door, refusing to comment any further. The cameraperson then started yelling that they would call the police.

All of this began with the plan from People v. Preds who setup a fake, decoy profile of a 15-year-old on Grindr and this is where Cacioppo was caught exchanging explicit pictures and messages of sex acts. The proof is shown from screenshots of the conversation. Apparently, Cacioppo used the name “Jeff” as a cover when messaging the fake profile. The reason YouTube caught him outside was because the decoy account said they would take an Uber to Cacioppo’s house where he would be waiting for the decoy minor to show up.

People v. Preds has handed over the information to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office but has not received a response back as of yet. Sony has not made any further comments either.

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